• Zookeep82

    EDLD 5366

    January 21, 2013 by Zookeep82
    1. Describe your first impression of these ancient works in respect to design
    1. Identify examples of each of the four principles of design
    1. What techniques did the authors/artists employ to help us understand the importance of those manuscripts/books?

    The Diamond Sutra

    1. My first impressions is that it is an extremely detailed piece of artwork that is very old. It is so well preserved and absolutely beautiful.

    2. Contrast - There is little contrast due to the document being so old. The paper has yellowed with age so that the black characters do not contrast to the yellow background. There is a constrast between the Chinese characters and the artwork on the right hand side.

    Repetition - There are several Chinese characters that are repeated. I am sureā€¦

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