The Nintendo HyperSpace is a video game console concept that will be developed by both Google and Nintendo, and manufactured by Samsung. The OS is a Linux kernel with Android OS and Chrome OS features with some modified and added by Nintendo. It can be used as a handheld, a home console and a controller, and possesses a PC-like feel, with 5TB Holographic data storage and 10GB DDR2. It has accessibility options for the blind, deaf, mute and armless and offers braille on the physical buttons, voice assistant, Morse flash and more. I have already send an email to Nintendo and I'm trying to explain this concept to Google, hoping that this concept is a hit in the ninth generation of gaming. In this blog, I need public opinion on the console itself, your favorite models, your favorite features and your favorite peripherals, as well as suggestions for technological advantages to make the console more efficient, easy and accessible (no implausible, fantasy or silly suggestions or suggestions that are "too much"). For more information on the concept, visit the Fantendo article:

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