Over the past couple hours, the page count on this wiki has drastically dropped. I decided that several categories of articles that we have here are unnecessary, and are lowering the quality of this wiki. I thought that we'd be best off without these articles. I was able to transfer all of the Android related articles to the Android Wiki, and I saved the rest in case they're ever needed.

The criteria for what was deleted is fairly simple. We had around a hundred articles covering devices and applications that were designed to run something created by Google. Some examples are Chrome apps, and Android devices. A couple reasons contributed to this decision. First of all, there are so incredibly many things that would fit into these categories, that it would be virtually impossible to document them all on a wiki as small as this. Second, there are already other sites out there that are massively popular which cover this content better than we do. Rather than trying to compete with these other sites, I believe our effort would be much better spent strengthening a different group of articles that does not have as much information so readily available.

While it is disappointing to see the page count drop by nearly a hundred, I think this will help the overall quality of this wiki. We now have a more strict scope of articles, which will allow us to focus harder on the content that will really earn us a better reputation. I'm very excited for what the future holds for this wiki.