Hello everyone,

I’m writing this blog because this wiki has had a lot of problems staying active. There are very few users who are actually active here. However, there are users that are active here. While our community may be small and inactive, it has a great amount of potential. My reason for writing this is to ask you, whoever is reading this, to try and contribute to our community. Google is very popular, and this wiki has a lot of potential to become a huge wiki. If we ever want to become that huge wiki, then we need to start somewhere. Please, join our community. Are you interested in Android? Write a blog about some rumors you’ve heard. Start a chat, even if no one’s on. Maybe someone will get on, and you’ll have a nice conversation with them. If you’re an avid Chrome fan, start a forum about it to see if anyone knows of any good apps to install. This wiki could be so much fun, especially if you love Google. Please, please just try it out. Thank you for reading this, and looking at our wiki. :) Have fun!