Google still hasn't sent out the developers version of their Google Glasses that were available at Google I/O, but there's still plenty of stuff that's been discovered about the glasses. I'm going to post the stuff I know on this blog.


One of the ways to control to glasses is by scrolling. To do this, you put your finger on the side of the glasses, and scroll as if it were a touch screen. This is probably a lot easier than making head motions.


One of the biggest issues with the glasses so far is how you input things. So far, we've just assumed that it would all be voice controlled. That is Google's main solution, although they may have another option. Google recently got another patent for the glasses. What it will basically do is project a keyboard onto one of your arms. You can use your other hand to type on it like you would a keyboard. The camera will be able to see it, and interpret what you're pressing. This may be a really, really cool way to use the new glasses, and I'm getting more and more excited for them to come out!

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