This is some stuff I think will happen in 2013.


  • Google+ will survive, and become slightly more popular, but will still not be a threat to other social networks such as Facebook.
  • Android will gain even more of the mobile market share, mostly taken from iPhones.
  • Android tablets will become more popular than iPads.
  • Apple will try to sue the life out of the entire world.
  • Chromebooks will become significantly more popular.
  • Google TV will continue to remain unpopular.
  • Google will name their next version of Android Key Lime Pie.
  • The Google Play store will host more apps than the iTunes store.
  • More information and videos will become available about Google Glass, Self Driving Car, and other Google X projects, but none of them will be released.
  • Android Pebble will be released, but won't sell very well.
  • Google will make another attempt at the Nexus Q, but may sell it with Google TV.

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