Hello Guys Im gonna telling you about Google's Best Applications for Every Operating Systems! With details.

1. Hangouts:- Hangouts is a popular Messanging app for Windows Phones, Android and ios. Its a simple user interface messenger app. You can download this app from your OS Apps Store.

2. Chrome :- Chrome is a king of all browser. And its a cool and fast browser many options are inbuilt in this browser Chrome Browser is available for Android, ios And windows phone and windows. And Linux also.

3. Google Goggles:- Google Goggles is a cool app. You can easily search your images in this app. This app available for Android users and Ios and Windows phones user.

4. Gmail:- Gmail is a service who made by Google if you have Gmail accounts then you can use and manage your emails with Gmail App. This app available for Windows phone and Android and iOS.

5. Google Search:- Actually Google Search is a part of Google Search Engine who made by Google you can easily search in this Google Search. Through Voice, texts Google Search is an Awesome App iOS, WindoWS, and Android Users can use this app. Actually its an App but like a search engine.

Thanks For Reading! I hope you like my first blog! If you have any questions, then you can ask in the comments, I will do my best to answer of your questions! Thanks :)

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