• A Google User

    Hello, I'm A Google User. And I'm the new Bereaucrat and a google wiki staff. I adopted this wiki. And i added some new pages and more edits and some blogs. I earned more badges. I'm An Active User and Bereaucrat on this wiki. If you need help then you can leave your message on my message wall.

    My mission is that i want to upgrade wiki. And i want to add new products pages of

    Please Don't spam and don't make spam pages. And don't mess up with this wiki. If you make spam pages then i will block you. Thanks

    If you wanna be a chatmod of this wiki. Then you will earn more badges and follow the Google wiki's rules. And be a good helper and you needs above 100 edits (New/Good edits) Thanks!

    If You need help …

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  • A Google User

    Hello, Im gonna telling about Gmail extensions. Gmail is a most famous service of Google, so chrome providing new extensions for Gmail. So it stands to reason that using Gmail in the Chrome browser would be like bringing together chocolate and peanut butter, right? Well, actually, Gmail works fine with other browsers, since it's Web-based. But many Chrome extensions add amazing new features and abilities to the everyday Gmail experience.many of them free, and all worth a try if you're a serious Gmail-er using Chrome on almost any platform, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, or even a Chromebook.

    No Gmail extension collection is complete without this one, so let's get right to it: Gmail Offline lets you work with Gmail ... when you're offline. No In…

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  • A Google User

    Hello Guys Im gonna telling you about Google's Best Applications for Every Operating Systems! With details.

    1. Hangouts:- Hangouts is a popular Messanging app for Windows Phones, Android and ios. Its a simple user interface messenger app. You can download this app from your OS Apps Store.

    2. Chrome :- Chrome is a king of all browser. And its a cool and fast browser many options are inbuilt in this browser Chrome Browser is available for Android, ios And windows phone and windows. And Linux also.

    3. Google Goggles:- Google Goggles is a cool app. You can easily search your images in this app. This app available for Android users and Ios and Windows phones user.

    4. Gmail:- Gmail is a service who made by Google if you have Gmail accounts then you …

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