Known issues in Google Chrome are hangs, not crashes (where the computer pings), hangs can be a failure to "keep up". Hangs can be very harassing for people, as this can happen by jerky lag, 8.9 FPS or playing a 3D game.


Here are some issues from Google Chrome and the reasons why they happen.

  • "A webpage script running on this page is taking a looong time to do its job" - Even if there are some results by the Java script, it may cause it to lag. Some issues in Google Chrome can occur if scarce problems and conflicts are displayed. Closing this conflict will help solve this problem.
  • "Aw, Snap!" - This error occurs if a webpage crashes unexpectedly.
  • "Oops! This link appears broken." - This is how Google gave people access to a webpage, but instead show this message, even conflicts and cache can display except for jerky lag (this is how the webpage isn't appearing). This is less common, and it is for the person to clear the cache and cookies, then return to the webpage.
  • "The following plugin has crashed: [program name]" - This message occurs if the plugin is not working properly.
  • "The site's security certificate is not trusted!" - This is a rare kind of issue and this happens if the third-party organization has stopped working. Loss lag of this can interfere and have hardware failures.
  • "This is probably not the site you are looking for!" - In forbidden webpages, people that enabled forbidden mode can intentionally display this after the webpage crashed. As rare, people should be back to safety or proceed anyway. It has no idea why this displayed just before a webpage update or a shutdown of a webpage. Other symptoms include phishing and malware protection, because it doesn't match the webpage.
  • "This webpage is not available (Network errors 2, 101, 102, 105, 104, 324, 124, 128, 129 and 118)" - Whenever Google Chrome does not load the webpage, this displays.
  • Adobe PDF plugin - The plugin can be down and doesn't work.
  • Issue report - Report a crash or problem.
  • YouTube videos show the error ("Videos are no longer available") - A severe thing can happen because, the software can prevent YouTube from playing videos.

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