Google uses wiki technology to enhance internal communication and knowledge sharing. The Goowiki, briefly introduced in Nick Finck's presentation, is a customized version of Twiki. The Nick Finck presentation refers to former Google employee Biz Stone, who describes his group's use of wikis at Google as follows:
  • Collaborative authoring, e.g., for specifications and similar documentation
  • Project ideas

Google Intranet

At WikiSym 2005, Google's Shashi Seth reported on Google's very large Intranet built on Twiki. At Google, documents which are to be edited by multiple people, MUST be wiki documents. For single-author documents, traditional formats, such as Office type tools are acceptable. "Google is built on wikis. ... don't have a conventional intranet, wikis are the intranet. ... 5000 employees use two wikis, TWiki and SparrowWeb." [1]. ...

Google's SparrowWeb

SparrowWeb, a web editing tool developed at Xerox PARC, is not neccessarily a wiki, but quite similar in nature to wikis. Google uses SparrowWeb for

An article in Fastcompany provides a little more information on Google's use of Sparrow.