"Google It" is a popular catchphrase, once a trivial dialogue used by few Google users, but as of now, an international reference in pop culture, being referred to a lot of television series, movies, documentations and other sources. As of now, Google is actually featured in online dictionaries, such as and since 2006, a definition, featured in Oxford English Dictionary as well.


As Google had expanded it`s services that internationally got critical acclaim, for example, the development of Gmail and Image Search had been a crucial reason of making Google an influence to the world of technology. According to online satire website, 9Gag, this dialogue had started circa 2008. Since then, this became an instant trend and in 2013, this became a "meme."

Other theories had stated that the movie, The Internship, surfacing around two downsized salesmen who try to attempt victory at an Google interns championship, was the crucial reason of this term.

Pop Culture References

The term "Google It" has been used so many times in pop culture, that this term, itself is now claimed as a part of it.

  • One of the first television shows, that was responsible for using this dialogue, was Monk, by a character named Natalie Teeger played by Traylor Howard. This satirical term was positively receiveed by not only audiences, but also critics and American entertainment television network had started constantly using this, on other shows.
  • In a The Simpsons episode introduction between S17 to S19, the traditionally classic introduction scene, a detention scene of Bart writing adult jokes on the board, had stated, "I will use Google before asking dumb questions."
  • Several movies have cited this quotation and some have also discussed about it, take an obvious reference, The Internship and the Seth Rogen comedy, Knocked Up. Other examples vary, some being, The Bourne Ultimatum and The Amazing Spider-Man Film Series(although not being a direct reference)
  • The Big Bang Theory is responsible for being the television show that has used this term, above 47 times, and at times, even improvising it.

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