Google I/O 2013 was Google's 2013 annual Google I/O developer conference. It was held at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco on May 15th-17th. The following is an overview of the announcements made at the conference.


Android Studio

Among the biggest announcements for Android was the introduction of Android Studio, Google's new IDE to help developers more easily create new applications.

Google Play Edition

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition was the first phone in Google's new line of Google Play Edition, also known as GPE. The brand takes manufacturer's flagship phones, and runs a vanilla version of Android on them. It's very similar to the Nexus line of devices.


Google Hangouts was one of the largest announcements of Google I/O, which merged all of Google's instant messaging services, including Google Voice, Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts, and Gmail chat.

Google Play

Play Games

Google Play Games allowed developers to incorporate extra services into their games, including matchmaking, in-game chat, achievements, leaderboards, invitations, and the ability to save game data in the cloud.

Play Music All Access

Google Play Music All Access allows a person to pay a monthly subscription to listen to unlimited music.


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