Google Input and Output in USA - the Keynote

Google I/O

Google I/O is an annual developer conference held by Google in San Francisco, California. Google I/O features highly technical, in-depth sessions focused on building web, mobile, and enterprise applications with Google and open web technologies, such as Android, Chrome, Google APIs, Google Web Toolkit, App Engine, and more.

Google I/O was started in 2008. The "I" and "O" stand for input/output, and "Innovation in the Open". The format of the event is similar to that of the Google Developer Day.

List of Conferences


See Google I/O 2008 for the main article.
The 2008 conference was the first Google I/O conference, held on May 28-29. Significant announcements include the Android operating system, App Engine, the Bionic C library, the Google Maps API, OpenSocial, and the Google Web Toolkit.


See Google I/O 2009 for the main article.


See Google I/O 2010 for the main article.


See Google I/O 2011 for the main article.


See Google I/O 2012 for the main article.
The 2012 conference was held on June 27th-29th, and a number of significant products were announced. These include Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7, the Nexus Q, Android Pebble, and several other things. They also had a couple minute demo of Google Glass.


See Google I/O 2013 for the main article.
The 2013 conference was held on May 15th-17th, 2013. Significant announcements included Google Play Games, Android Studio, Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, Hangouts, and Google Play Music All Access.


See Google I/O 2014 for the main article.
The 2014 conference was held on June 25-26. Significant announcements include Android Auto, Android TV, Android Wear, Android Lollipop, Android One, improvements to the Chromebook, Google Fit, Material Design, and the Gmail API.


See Google I/O 2015 for the main article.
The 2015 conference was held on May 28-29. Significant announcements include Android Marshmallow, Android Pay, Android Wear, custom tabs for Chrome, Gmail Inbox availability for everyone, offline mode for Google Maps, improvements to Google Now and Google Play, and Google Photos.


See Google I/O 2016 for the main article.

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