Googles product for the Gadget Space. Gadgets are small reusable web apps that are easy use on different google services. At the moment Gadgets work on iGoogle and Google Page Creator.

Gadget funding

Google recently announced that they will be providing grants to gadget creators. there are two grant types available, a $5,000 grant to encourage improvement of an existing Gadget, a $100,000 grant to start a business based on the Google Gadgets platform. To be considered for the $5,000 grant your gadget must receive 25,000 pageviews a week. To get the $100,000 funding you have to be a recipient of the previous funding and to submit a business plan.

Google Mashup Editor

Allows you to take information from two or more feeds and create a gadget that is more useful than the original feeds. feeds from base, calendar, video and external locations can be used in mashups. At the moment is still an invite only Beta product.