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Our mission is to facilitate the creation of a Google Development Center in Egypt.

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Current StateEdit

Google now has a presence in Egypt yet it is confined to marketing only. We still aim at Google expanding its current presence in Egypt to a full fledged R&D center employing some of the brightest Egyptian engineers in the field of software development.


  • Attract Google to open a branch in Egypt.
  • This means many IT jobs for Egyptian developers.
  • Participating in the development of Google's latest high techs.
  • Give a chance to Egyptian Developers to work at World Class level.


  • While a software developer in the US will command no less than 50 grands a year, a fresh computer science graduate in Egypt would be happy with a 6 grand USD salary per year.
  • Writing was invented in Egypt.
  • Advanced technical capabilities


  • Write a 'petition' that is addressed to Google headquarters.
  • Publish this petition on Petition Online.
  • Collect signatures from IT engineers and developers of Egypt.
  • Write some open source softwares - web spiders, parsers, etc - to prove we are capable of doing good development here


  • We are a group of Egyptian Software Developers fascinated with Google and believe in our abilities.


To GoogleEdit

  • Access a low cost talent pool of software Engineers.

To EgyptEdit

  • Get in touch with international rate software engineering practices.


Egypt, a cradle of civilization, and an emerging market with a multitude of opportunities for investment, is quickly becoming the center for IT and Communications in the Middle East and North Africa. Its strategic geographic location makes it a regional hub that links the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and the Arab world. It is a gateway to Africa, as well as a crossroad of shipping lines and fiber optical cables.

Egyptian IT MarketEdit

Information technology and telecoms investment opportunities in Egypt are limitless. Combine Egypt’s emerging information society with the nation's growing economy and the country, the largest market in the Middle East with 69 million consumers, is a perfect place for international investments. The Economist magazine has ranked Egypt third for the year 2002, among 25 emerging markets for economic performance. This advantageous position is derived from Egypt’s financial and political stability, low financial risks and dynamic market mechanism.

The most immediate opportunities lie in the core backbone, public data and Internet services, wireless local loop networks, the mobile network, offshore development, and e-Egypt.

Egypt is witnessing its reincarnation into a modern, liberal and private sector led market driven economy.

We have to talk about the Egyptian Market.

  1. IT market size
  2. Government
    1. New Ministry of Communication And Information Technology
  3. Competitive situation
  4. Intellectual property rights (IPR)
  5. Figure of current IT companies:
    1. Organizations
    2. IT Associations
    3. Multinational firms
    4. Local software companies
  6. IT service in Egypt
  7. IT education and training
  8. Internet services
  9. Other government-related initiatives
  10. End-users
  11. Market access
  12. Local success stories (e.g. The number one Multilingual Email Service [Gawab] developed in Egypt )
  13. Microsoft has held three MDCs in Egypt. Also Sun and Oracle held developers conferences in Egypt
  14. The government support for IT industry and the Egyptian Silicon Valley (Smart Village)
  15. The pioneering Egyptian technology and the talented professionals in Arabic information processing, The Sakhr case.
  16. Most Arabic Technologies exploited in most of the famous Arabic web sites are made in Egypt
  17. Also Machine Translation Research in IBM and Sakhr
  18. The talents in Digital Signal Processing and Speech Processing in RDI and Sakhr (There's Google Video beta and Google Audio to appear later)
  19. We've many professionals doing researches in the Egyptian universities in Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Signal Processing
  20. Egypt held the first Arabic Language Resources and Tools Conference (Nemlar)
  21. Egypt has Professors, researchers and IEEE members recognized internationally; and IEEE Egypt section is an active section in region 8
  22. Egypt has a number of the leading advocates of open and free software in the region


  • It shouldn't be a long article, just simple, short statements. One or two statements in each point will be good.
  • We must make it look very professional and logical (not emotional) so that Google would find it serious and think seriously about taking that step.

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