Here are some crashes and errors pertaining to connect to Google Chrome.

  1. Aw, Snap! - This error reminds you that the website has crashed. You can go to another page or reload to try again.
  2. He's Dead, Jim! - This message displays when you terminated the website due to a lack of memory.
  3. The following plugin has crashed - It is identical to "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed, but the plugin will only crash, but do not freeze. It is recommended that you must reload it again.
  4. Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. - This disables the person from using Google Chrome. (Google Chrome is not frozen, but instead shut down.) While attempting to delete Google Chrome Support, their browser user profile will be deleted. If the person attempted to delete the crash, an error message will appear. The person can report this just after a crash.
  5. Report a crash - Report a crash or error.
  6. Google Chrome no longer works after several minutes - You do not have permission close Google Chrome and you cannot open Google Chrome after several minutes.
  7. Google Chrome does not open - You will get this when Google Chrome freezes, crashes several times. This error show you the error message and the symbol at the left is the ! sign with an inverted yellow triangle.
  8. Virus detected - Your Google Chrome user profile can be likely having a virus.

Displaying this Google Chrome Error and Crash

Displaying the error and crash may be punished by moderators. For this reason, admins potentially do their business displaying a Google Chrome crash or error, For example, displaying a crash or an error is so rampant and to harass a website where people are using.

If you see this, the only way to give proof is to inform the moderator or report the error or a crash that they were doing this,


Reporting a crash or error are when people had a crash or error to Google Chrome and notice why they must stop it. If the moderator had noticed that you reported a crash or error, the crash or error will be disabled. They only help you why you have an unfair crash or error, you had a crash that wasn't fair.


  • These error and crashes displayed by admins may be harassing for people who use websites.
  • The error and crashes are one of the annoying messages for Google Chrome.
  • These errors and crashes can be rather devastating for people who see errors or crashes, (Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed, Aw, Snap!, etc.)
  • Back in 2011 and 2010, an update have noticed that moderators have disabled the crashes and errors for deletion.

Ways to Avoid Errors and Crashes

  • Check for malware - A way to stop this one is for them to disable the cache and malware.
  • Using proxies - Somehow proxies can be used, but they can't do it in order to have updates. In other words, people that use it won't get a crash. Nowadays, people don't use it before they were updated.
  • Create a User Profile - If continuing to see this error or crash, people can create a user profile. It only helps on websites such as Reddit or YouTube that people can create a user profile, such as Username154 or UndeadCorrupt.

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