• A Google User

    Hello, I'm A Google User. And I'm the new Bereaucrat and a google wiki staff. I adopted this wiki. And i added some new pages and more edits and some blogs. I earned more badges. I'm An Active User and Bereaucrat on this wiki. If you need help then you can leave your message on my message wall.

    My mission is that i want to upgrade wiki. And i want to add new products pages of

    Please Don't spam and don't make spam pages. And don't mess up with this wiki. If you make spam pages then i will block you. Thanks

    If you wanna be a chatmod of this wiki. Then you will earn more badges and follow the Google wiki's rules. And be a good helper and you needs above 100 edits (New/Good edits) Thanks!

    If You need help …

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  • A Google User

    Hello, Im gonna telling about Gmail extensions. Gmail is a most famous service of Google, so chrome providing new extensions for Gmail. So it stands to reason that using Gmail in the Chrome browser would be like bringing together chocolate and peanut butter, right? Well, actually, Gmail works fine with other browsers, since it's Web-based. But many Chrome extensions add amazing new features and abilities to the everyday Gmail experience.many of them free, and all worth a try if you're a serious Gmail-er using Chrome on almost any platform, be it Windows, Mac, Linux, or even a Chromebook.

    No Gmail extension collection is complete without this one, so let's get right to it: Gmail Offline lets you work with Gmail ... when you're offline. No In…

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  • A Google User

    Hello Guys Im gonna telling you about Google's Best Applications for Every Operating Systems! With details.

    1. Hangouts:- Hangouts is a popular Messanging app for Windows Phones, Android and ios. Its a simple user interface messenger app. You can download this app from your OS Apps Store.

    2. Chrome :- Chrome is a king of all browser. And its a cool and fast browser many options are inbuilt in this browser Chrome Browser is available for Android, ios And windows phone and windows. And Linux also.

    3. Google Goggles:- Google Goggles is a cool app. You can easily search your images in this app. This app available for Android users and Ios and Windows phones user.

    4. Gmail:- Gmail is a service who made by Google if you have Gmail accounts then you …

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  • A Googler


    March 22, 2017 by A Googler

    If you want to google go to Please visit the google website

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  • Thehotwheelsguy99

    I love Google

    September 1, 2015 by Thehotwheelsguy99

    I love love love love love Google!!! ℸℎℯℎℴℸωℎℯℯℓşℊμϒ99 (ℸαℓķ!) 18:36, September 1, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Joshuadufurrena

    Google Maps released Street View Images on May 25, 2007 and also a new website is coming is called Street View Images & Videos January 1, 1999-December 31, 2015 where you can view the past on every street on images clicking the clock button clicking month January-December 1st-31st date button & year button 1999-2015 & time clock button 7am-6:59am and you can view the past while playing videos too on every street and see what's going on and also January 1, 1999-December 31, 2015 will not be a google maps and bing website at all it will just be a street view images & videos website.

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  • Drew1200

    Renovating the Wiki

    January 1, 2015 by Drew1200

    Over the past couple hours, the page count on this wiki has drastically dropped. I decided that several categories of articles that we have here are unnecessary, and are lowering the quality of this wiki. I thought that we'd be best off without these articles. I was able to transfer all of the Android related articles to the Android Wiki, and I saved the rest in case they're ever needed.

    The criteria for what was deleted is fairly simple. We had around a hundred articles covering devices and applications that were designed to run something created by Google. Some examples are Chrome apps, and Android devices. A couple reasons contributed to this decision. First of all, there are so incredibly many things that would fit into these categories…

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  • S3any23

    What is yours?

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  • S3any23

    I dont really have a dream device, but i own a Sony Experia E

    Yes, i know it sucks, but its all i got...

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  • Dailyapk

    Summary: The Market is improving but don't expect an increase in the refund window beyond 15 minutes any time soon. Google claims developers and users like the status quo. We put that to the test in two polls. During the Android Market session at I/O 2011, Google revealed a number of long overdue improvements to the Market such as support for larger applications (up to 4GB), the ability to sell in more countries, and new rankings to promote new and popular Apps. However one change requested by some developers and users was explicitly shot down: increasing the refund window for paid applications. 

    Refunds "R" us 

    When the Market first opened in October 2008 it supported only free programs. Starting in February 2009, developers could charge fo…

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  • Ismael777

    The Nintendo HyperSpace is a video game console concept that will be developed by both Google and Nintendo, and manufactured by Samsung. The OS is a Linux kernel with Android OS and Chrome OS features with some modified and added by Nintendo. It can be used as a handheld, a home console and a controller, and possesses a PC-like feel, with 5TB Holographic data storage and 10GB DDR2. It has accessibility options for the blind, deaf, mute and armless and offers braille on the physical buttons, voice assistant, Morse flash and more. I have already send an email to Nintendo and I'm trying to explain this concept to Google, hoping that this concept is a hit in the ninth generation of gaming. In this blog, I need public opinion on the console its…

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  • Aussie Winter Girl

    Dear Google...

    February 10, 2014 by Aussie Winter Girl

    Hi everyone-

    I would LOVE Google to make a new thingo, I love Google so much!

    Aussie Surfer Girl

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  • IceRoadTruckers

    Ice Road Truckers

    December 9, 2013 by IceRoadTruckers
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  • Suriyaa iSC


    August 1, 2013 by Suriyaa iSC

    Hi, I`m Suriyaa iSC. This is my first blog-post @ Google Wiki.

    See my user site @ Google Wiki: User:Suriyaa iSC.

     Work hard for this Wiki!

    Suriyaa iSC Nachrichtenseite Ankündigungen 16:33, August 1, 2013 (UTC)

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  • ToaMeiko

    New Wiki Logo

    July 8, 2013 by ToaMeiko

    I stumbled upon this wiki and noticed it uses a different font than that of Google's logo, therefore I thought I'd offer you a new logo for the wiki.

    Feel free to use this if you like it, and I can make adjustments as needed.

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  • I'mgonnatakeovertheworld

    Hi! As I look around this wiki, I've been noticing that some entire articles (such as are entirely copied from Wikipedia. These pages are quite bothersome to me, because of all the redlinks and random NavBoxes at the bottom. And not to mention, all the references when you try to edit the page and take up an entire section.

    Now, it doesn't bother me when pages are based off the Wikipedia article or a couple sections are copied, but I think that the copied articles should be rewritten. I would be glad if I could help with this (which I can!), so, who's with me?

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  • Aswir suhud

    Teaching style "talk and chalk" will be diminisged? Teaching by Web is a must. Without utilizing IT in your clasroom....................................... will be continued after Jumat prayer!!!!!!

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  • Pamsoko

    Google Docs

    May 20, 2013 by Pamsoko
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  • Drew1200

    Google I/O 2013

    April 30, 2013 by Drew1200

    Google I/O 2013 is coming up really soon, it's scheduled for May 15-17th. I plan on watching as much as I can online, and I will be attempting to write articles for everything they announce, as well as a blog linking to all of the new articles. I won't be able to be online all day, so if anyone wants to help, I'd really appreciate it. All's you'd have to do us write an article about whatever you see them announce!  :)

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  • Rainbow Dash1

    if your a fan of poptropica, when you are a fan of dr.hare. please go to lego cuusoo and support the project "Dr.hare's secret lair, and let us see the project rise up to 10K!

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  • Ninjablocksgamer

    Searching something....

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  • Gcheung28

    Wikia Goes to NARR8 Launch

    February 21, 2013 by Gcheung28

    NARR8 is a Russian based, free application available worldwide that allows you to read motion comics and interactive series across an extensive offering of content genres! It was launched in November 2012, but it got over 200,000 downloads in the first two week and had nearly double that within two months! NARR8's creative content studios have created motion comics, interactive novels, and interactive nonfiction articles in genres like superhero comics, sci-fi, fantasy, video games, and much, much more. As the #1 app in entertainment apps for Apple, it's not surprising to hear that they are continuing to expand by launching the app for Android and planning additional series in completely new genres not too far into the future!

    A talk with t…

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  • Gcheung28

    NARR8 is a cool app that offers an extensive library of innovative and exciting multimedia content in the form of motion comics, interactive eBooks, and edutainment (educational entertainment) that comes alive with dynamic animations, colorful special effects, and full music soundtracks with a single tap of the touchscreen.

    The app was launched on Android, and it also has hit #1 entertainment app & the top ten free iPad list after launching all-new interactive features and collectible items in the free 1.1.0 update!

    Also, to celebrate Valentine's Day, NARR8 released a brand-new, special-edition series! The new Valentine's Day series features a collection of exclusive holiday-themed episodes from NARR8's regularly-scheduled series, such as Mul…

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  • Drew1200

    Please Help Us

    February 7, 2013 by Drew1200

    Hello everyone,

    I’m writing this blog because this wiki has had a lot of problems staying active. There are very few users who are actually active here. However, there are users that are active here. While our community may be small and inactive, it has a great amount of potential. My reason for writing this is to ask you, whoever is reading this, to try and contribute to our community. Google is very popular, and this wiki has a lot of potential to become a huge wiki. If we ever want to become that huge wiki, then we need to start somewhere. Please, join our community. Are you interested in Android? Write a blog about some rumors you’ve heard. Start a chat, even if no one’s on. Maybe someone will get on, and you’ll have a nice conversatio…

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  • Drew1200

    If you're familiar with tech rumors at all, you'll know that DigiTimes is one of the biggest starters of rumors. Often their rumors are accurate, but more often they're inaccurate. Either way, there's typically a little bit of truth to their rumors.

    Last week they started a new rumor. They said that Asus is working on a second generation Nexus 7 to announce at Google I/O in May! The upgraded one is supposed to be thinner, and have a full HD display. That's 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. It would be the first 7 inch tablet to ever have a display like that. It also would possibly have a Tegra 4 processor... Maybe... Best of all, it'll still only be $199!

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  • Zookeep82

    EDLD 5366

    January 21, 2013 by Zookeep82
    1. Describe your first impression of these ancient works in respect to design
    1. Identify examples of each of the four principles of design
    1. What techniques did the authors/artists employ to help us understand the importance of those manuscripts/books?

    The Diamond Sutra

    1. My first impressions is that it is an extremely detailed piece of artwork that is very old. It is so well preserved and absolutely beautiful.

    2. Contrast - There is little contrast due to the document being so old. The paper has yellowed with age so that the black characters do not contrast to the yellow background. There is a constrast between the Chinese characters and the artwork on the right hand side.

    Repetition - There are several Chinese characters that are repeated. I am sure…

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  • Drew1200

    More Info on Google Glass

    January 17, 2013 by Drew1200

    Google still hasn't sent out the developers version of their Google Glasses that were available at Google I/O, but there's still plenty of stuff that's been discovered about the glasses. I'm going to post the stuff I know on this blog.

    One of the ways to control to glasses is by scrolling. To do this, you put your finger on the side of the glasses, and scroll as if it were a touch screen. This is probably a lot easier than making head motions.

    One of the biggest issues with the glasses so far is how you input things. So far, we've just assumed that it would all be voice controlled. That is Google's main solution, although they may have another option. Google recently got another patent for the glasses. What it will basically do is project a …

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  • Gcheung28


    We wanted to let you all know about a cool Wikia project called the Community Choice Awards! We're basically picking some of the best lifestyle milestones of 2012 and asking the communities to vote for what they think should win!

    We're reaching out because the Google Wiki has been nominated for the Year's Coolest Gadget category with the Google Nexus 7 and Google Glass! If you think one of your gadgets should win this category, spread the word and come vote!

    Feel free to add to the lists here if you think anything is missing and I hope you enjoy participating in the Community Choice Awards!

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  • Drew1200

    2013 Predictions

    December 19, 2012 by Drew1200

    This is some stuff I think will happen in 2013.

    • Google+ will survive, and become slightly more popular, but will still not be a threat to other social networks such as Facebook.
    • Android will gain even more of the mobile market share, mostly taken from iPhones.
    • Android tablets will become more popular than iPads.
    • Apple will try to sue the life out of the entire world.
    • Chromebooks will become significantly more popular.
    • Google TV will continue to remain unpopular.
    • Google will name their next version of Android Key Lime Pie.
    • The Google Play store will host more apps than the iTunes store.
    • More information and videos will become available about Google Glass, Self Driving Car, and other Google X projects, but none of them will be released.
    • Android Pebble…

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  • Klintrin

    Which is better? 

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  • TheShadowAssassin

    Which device...?

    November 27, 2012 by TheShadowAssassin

    So I'm thinking about getting either the Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, or Nexus 7, but I can't decide... I have a poll below for you to vote your opinion, and any suggestions on which one I should get would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Drew1200

    Apple Jokes

    November 14, 2012 by Drew1200

    Just felt like sharing some of these... (I upload these later so you don't have to follow the link - I also be adding more)

    These are the best ones IMO

    Plenty of these...


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  • Cmarti23

    The Benefits of HTML5

    November 8, 2012 by Cmarti23

    What Are the Benefits of HTML5?

    Corey D. Martin

    Information Technology 103 Section 011

    October 4, 2012

    "By placing this statement on my webpage, I certify that I have read and understand the GMU Honor Code on . I am fully aware of the following sections of the Honor Code: Extent of the Honor Code, Responsibility of the Student and Penalty. In addition, I have received permission from the copyright holder for any copyrighted material that is displayed on my site. This includes quoting extensive amounts of text, any material copied directly from a web page and graphics/pictures that are copyrighted. This project or subject material has not been used in another class by me or any other student. Finally, …

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  • Drew1200

    The New Nexus Family

    October 30, 2012 by Drew1200

    Earlier I posted a blog about Nexus rumors, and now some of them get to come true!

    Earlier this week on Monday, Google had an event scheduled were they were going to announce new stuff about Android. Due to the hurricane, it had to be cancelled, but Google still ended up announcing their new devices, and a new Android OS version!

    The "baby" of the family is the Nexus 4. It's only called the baby because it's the smallest, but in terms of power, it would be the daddy. It's an LG-made 4ish inch smartphone. For a long time, the Samsung S3 was the big, popular, best Android phone available. Many people now believe that the best Android phone may be the Nexus 4! Just visit Google Play to see more about this device, but I can assure you that it's …

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  • Drew1200

    Nexus Rumors

    October 11, 2012 by Drew1200

    There's tons of rumors about Google's line of Nexus products right now, I'm going to state a couple of the bigger ones.

    This isn't much of a rumor, it's actually been confirmed. This is a 10-inch tablet, a bigger version of the Nexus 7 which sold like crazy. This tablet is meant to take on the iPad directly. It's specs certainly do beat the iPad, but the iPad's so popular that a lot of people just buy it without researching other large tablets. Who knows, though, maybe the Nexus 10 will do some major damage to the iPad, just like the Nexus 7 did to the Kindle Fire. The current known specs are that it will have a 2,560 x 1,600 pixel screen, which is a PPI of around 299, which is much larger than the iPad's 264 PPI.

    LG will be making Google's …

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    Greetings from your Wikia Community Support team,

    Starting today, Wikia’s engineers are testing a new system for image loading on this wiki. This shouldn’t really affect either the images already posted or your ability to upload new images, but I wanted to make you aware of the change, albeit minor.

    Images will now be ‘lazy loaded’. Lazy loading is when parts of the pages are loaded at different times. In this instance, the images of a page that are “below the fold” (images you have to scroll down the page to see) will start loading only when you scroll down to the part of the page the image is on. When the user scrolls down to an image, they should trigger the image to load right as they arrive at the part of the page with the image. If th…

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  • Drew1200

    Google I/O

    June 27, 2012 by Drew1200

    I'm currently watching Google I/O over the internet. It's really cool, and I especially like the announcements tab. Over the next couple days, I will be compiling and publishing articles about the new things released from Google. And also, is anyone else here watching or attending?

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  • Drew1200

    Our Search Ranking

    June 11, 2012 by Drew1200

    Our current search ranking is #3 for someone who searches the term "Google Wiki". That's actually a great ranking, considering that we're so inactive, and there's so many other wikis that mention Google. However, if someone searches "Google", we're no where to be found for dozens and dozens, maybe even hundreds of pages. I think we can really improve that. If we could get in the top 20 results for Google, that would be amazing, and barely even possible, but we would get a ton of readers. Let's go for it! :D

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  • Drew1200

    Google Tips 01

    June 8, 2012 by Drew1200

    I'm going to start making blogs, maybe once every 3 days, each containing a trick for a Google service. Right now it's just going to be about Easter eggs, but later I may find some other things to post!

    Go to Google Search and search "tilt". Let it load, and something cool may happen!

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  • Drew1200

    Is anyone here?

    January 2, 2012 by Drew1200

    Hey, guys! I was wondering if anyone is active here. :)

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