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Acer is a Taiwan based computer electronics manufacturer, who produces both Android and Chrome OS products. Similar to Asus, Acer primarily focuses on desktops, laptops, and tablets. However, they have experimented with smartphones in their Iconia series. They have experienced minimal success with the smartphone market, and thus continue to primarily develop larger electronics. Two of the areas that Acer has put a large amount of effort into are Android Tablets, and Chromebooks.

Acer IconiaEdit

Acer Iconia is the brand given to Acer's mobile devices, which have primarily been focused on Android tablets. Typically, the name begins with Acer Iconia Tab, followed by the device's specific name. A full list of devices in this series is listed below.

List of Iconia DevicesEdit

Chrome OSEdit

Acer has also been among the most prominent manufacturers of Chromebooks, which run on Google's Chrome OS. In May of 2011, Acer released one of the first two laptops to run the operating system, named the Acer AC700. Four new models have since been produced.

List of Acer ChromebooksEdit


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